guest_dickinsonWelcome to Swartz First!

We are so glad to have you visit our website. One visit to Swartz First and you will feel like at home. Our church family will welcome you with open arms to join us as we connect, grow, and serve together. From heart-felt worship to relational Bible study, community ministry to world missions, we seek to involve you and your family in the exciting work of God.

I want you to take a look around and join our facebook page too. I must say that there is nothing like being here in person. Consider this my personal invitation to you to join me Sunday. I will be saving a place for you and our church family will be looking forward to you being our guest.

Let our staff know how we can answer any questions you have and come right on in to discover the saving work of Jesus and the plan He has had for you all along with the people of Swartz First Baptist!

Pastor Aaron & Sharron Dickinson

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