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We are wired to connect with our Creator.

No earthly connection can replace the connection that God desires for us. This spiritual and saving relationship is unlike any other, and offers hope in a way that transforms our lives.

Connecting with God thru His Son Jesus
The Bible is very clear, ever since Adam and Eve introduced disobedience into the world we struggle with sin. And our sin has separated us from God. We need help to restore our relationship with God. We need someone who would bridge the gap between our sinful selves and a Holy God. 

God’s perfect plan was to send His Son Jesus to bridge the divide by coming to our world as a baby, living a sinless life, and taking the punishment that we deserved for our sin. And it is only through the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus that we can claim the hope & glory of Heaven. He was the gift from God, freely given, to restore the broken relationship.

Jesus has done His part, but in order to receive that gift it take a personal acceptance and placing our faith in Jesus. That is our part. When we turn from our sin and turn towards Jesus He embraces us with the promise of Heaven. To learn how to have a saving faith in Jesus click HERE.

Connecting with God thru Worship
Because of the great sacrifice that was made on our behalf, we come together as the people redeemed (bought back) of God to worship & praise Him! Worship is what God deserves for His great gift. So, every Sunday morning we come together to worship God through singing, praying, hearing the Word of God preached, and responding to Him. Every worship experience at Swartz First Baptist is designed to deepen the connection between our great God and His people.

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Connect with God